Short Selling Commercial Property!

Performing a short sale on a commercial property is a whole new animal than we have seen in the last decade. If you are not able to keep a commercial property due to poor rent performance or any other reason, don't let the bank just take your investment property.

You have options!

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Short Sales/Residential

Facing Foreclosure? Can you no longer afford your rising mortgage payment? Need to know your options?

Foreclosure Deletion

Have you been foreclosed on and need to get it removed, permanently? Don't know where to get help? We can help.

Agent Training

Don't understand the short sale process? Need to close more than 10% of your listings in a down market? Call us!


It's sad but true!

Did you know that nearly 90% of the homeowners nationwide who try to "short sale" their home will end up losing their home to foreclosure due to an uneducated or lazy agent!

Others Financial Group

We have developed a process that can get a Foreclosure or Short Sale permanently removed from your credit report. Not for thirty days! PERMANENTLY!!

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